Corporate Sustainability

As a Group we recognise the impact Business Process Outsourcing can have on people and planet and are dedicated to improving our environmental, social and workplace impacts across international borders. Converga is committed to being a responsible business process outsource partner, and demonstrates its corporate responsibilities by:

  • Being resource sensitive throughout our value chain, partnering with our employees and clients to improve our impacts.
  • Supporting the disadvantaged in our local communities so they might secure their economic futures and in so doing raise the social conscience of our employees.
  • Fostering a workplace environment that encourages and enables a safe, healthy and diverse workforce.
  • Supporting the UN Global Compact 10 Principles and in so doing act responsibly in our relations with our customers, communities, suppliers and employees.

Converga have publicly committed to the UN Global Compact and will United Nations Global Compact logoimplement its 10 Principles group wide so that through our operations we will:

  • Protect human rights
  • Uphold and improve labour standards
  • Not participate in bribery or corrupt behaviour
  • Always seek to reduce our environmental impacts

For more information on the UN Global Compact, visit their site:

Corporate Sustainability Updates