Information Management

Converga’s Information Management solution delivers a completely secure scanning, indexing, archival and retrieval system for a wide range of digital documents. Customers can locate and view their archived information quickly and easily, via the web.

Our solution stores and retrieves any type of digital information and allows you to keep all your customer communications on hand regardless of format. It can be customised for multiple applications including: accounts payable (invoices), accounts receivable (statements), HR, financial reporting, bill printing and mailing.

With an integrated document archive and retrieve system, the document can be stored in any format such as Microsoft Office, Email, HTML or PDF which is the most commonly used format for storage.

The user-friendly features make it straight forward to search all stored data. You can use different fields such as customer name, customer number, invoice number, and date to refine searches.

You can even give your clients direct access to their own documents, allowing them to check information online whenever it suits them. Staff can view copies of client correspondence and print them, email or fax them instantly.

With instant access to your digital information your business will gain huge efficiencies such as vastly improved document access, rapid resolution of customer queries, and reduced stationery, postage and printing cost.

Totally secure, for both internal and external clients, all internet traffic is encrypted over https, a protocol that provides the security level most financial institutions use for secure transactions.

Converga can work with your business to develop a solution that matches your specific requirements, featuring your company logo, company colours and profile.