Executive Hospitality

Prospective clients, business partners, visiting executives and every other stakeholder of your business will generate a first impression as soon as they enter your premises. This impression is a key component in generating customer value and our Executive Hospitality team can help ensure that this initial impression of your organisation is world class.

Converga delivers executive hospitality solutions to a variety of businesses and industry groups that require superior and uncompromised service standards. Our Executive Hospitality teams are trained to deliver a seamless customer experience above and beyond expectations. Our approach to service enhancement is supported by Converga’s simple service ethos; One Point.

Our Executive Hospitality team promise to deliver our services based on our One Point principles;

Each visitor will only have to ask once
Requests will only need to be made once

For many companies the management of their Executive Hospitality team is a non-core function. As a non-core function, there is always a danger of service levels slipping or costs spiralling as specialist temporary staff are sourced without appropriate management. Converga turns your non-core activity into a core activity. As a specialist outsourcer we provide the management capability, reporting and service levels that transform your Executive Hospitality into a market leading world class solution.

Converga has developed a management framework that ensures our clients always receive seamless Executive Hospitality across all relevant functions. We strive to consistently exceed our customers, and your customer’s expectations;

We know how to recruit the right person,
We know how to nurture and develop talent,
We know how to implement the right processes, and
We know how to procure the best technology to support each process.

Converga’s Executive Hospitality products include;

  • Executive Concierge Services
  • Corporate Receptionist Services
  • Meeting Room Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Switchboard Services