Records Management Solutions (EDRMs)

Keeping records for longer than necessary is an inefficient use of resources and space (physical or electronic).  Conversely, destroying a record too soon or not managing access to a record can expose businesses to unnecessary risks.

Converga provides a number of record management solutions that help businesses take control of their records. Converga’s expertise is utilised by a mixture of Australia’s largest public service and private sector organisations. We help these organisations make sense of the nature of their files and their legal requirements for retention (record sentencing).

Converga’s Records Management solutions have been designed with your corporate governance and legal obligations in mind. We can assist at any stage of your process and we have experience working within the majority of electronic document records management systems.

Our Records Management products include:

  • On-site Records
  • Electronic Records and Information
  • Sentencing and Destruction
  • Scanning and Imaging
  • Consultancy and Training Solutions