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Supply chain management ensures procurement of suitable products through optimised supply and distribution channels. Converga‘s approach has assisted many companies to achieve flexible, lean and dynamic processes to corporate procurement – an efficient supply chain that will deliver a time and cost reduction across job management, supplier management, consumption reporting and cost centre reconciliation.

At Converga we understand that supply chain management services support materials must be both lean in nature and seamless in delivery. Through the combination of our independence and scale Converga is able to continuously procure competitive suppliers. We regularly market test our preferred suppliers, reporting the market test results direct to our clients. Our reporting goes beyond just market comparisons it also records and presents consumption patterns to ensure internal demand is within the related procurement guidelines.

Our ability to procure and manage your supply chain is complimented through the development of a number of innovative management tools. These management tools include regular market test updates, purchasing alternatives, monthly activity reports and our daily performance monitoring application for smart devices.

Converga’s Corporate Governance Framework and Quality Management Systems ensure that every potential service or supplier adjustment is met with the appropriate change management and risk controls. We will always seek the appropriate authority prior to the implementation of any amendments in service or suppliers.

Our Supply Chain Management products include:

  • Consumables Management
  • Courier and Freight Aggregation
  • Supply Chain Consultancy
  • Business Intelligence
  • Online Fulfilment