Converga knows that back office processes are a pain point for all businesses. Our Offshore Managed Services offer a two fold solution; a review of current processes, and a reduction in operational costs.

HR, Accounting, IT and other back office functions are all critical departments of an organisation yet they are not revenue generating. By outsourcing these functions you can free up resources, focus on your core activities, and experience significant cost savings.

What is Offshore Managed Services?

Converga can perform your back office functions on behalf of your organisation and achieve results based on your standards. We will build an offshore team, manage the whole operation and ensure achievement of service level agreements and key performance indicators set by both parties.

Our Offshore Managed Services include but are not limited to:



Service Inclusions

Everything will be supervised and administered by Converga and you can just expect the delivery of your desired results in a timely manner.

Why Offshore Managed Services?

Converga’s Offshore Managed Services is a cost effective solution for your back office needs without compromising the quality and efficiency of results or outcomes. Our solutions are flexible and customisable based on your requirements and you will have full visibility of the performance through our comprehensive reporting. Boasting robust management experience and operational excellence and with over six years Offshore Outsourcing experience Converga’s Offshore Managed Services can reduce the time, money and effort that goes into managing your non-core business activities.


How it works

Converga will build a team highly skilled and dedicated professionals to fulfill the outcome you desire. We will manage performance, drive results and govern overall operations. Your company and Converga will establish performance management measures and key performance indicators in which Converga will manage your offshore team. Our Transitions Manager and your Subject Matter Expert will work together to ensure all processes, systems and information required are documented and fit for purpose. Converga will work with your company to provide all the necessary training for the dedicated team members.  Once the services are live, a monthly meeting will be scheduled with your company’s point-of-contact where monthly reports, tracking performance and operational updates will be shared.

Want to learn more?

Download a copy of the Offshore Managed Services brochure.