Department of Immigration and Border Protection: Forms Processing

Large scale form processing is rapidly becoming an integral part of commercial operations.

The Business
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) was appointed to act as a source of critical information for both the Commonwealth and private sectors. DIBP has 16 offices in Australia and 74 overseas and, whilst it had developed a range of sophisticated systems to capture and collect the required information, the volume was outstripping its capacity.

The Challenge
To automate DIBP’s existing document processing solution so that it’s capable of capturing accurate information from over 25 million forms (per annum) from passenger movements in and out of Australia. The information from the cards are a critical source of information for the Government and the private sector and must be collected within strict timeframes.

The Solution
Converga was selected because it combined the latest technology with the best value for money solution. Converga applied a sophisticated set of techniques to ensure the accurate and timely processing of all document data. For example, the use of Optical Character Recognition technology reduced the amount of manual handling. Importantly, Converga’s Technology Centre met DIBP’s stringent security requirements. It has the capability to process over 150,000 documents every day and is one of the most sophisticated facilities in Australia.

The Outcome
Outsourcing the entire process to Converga (i.e. collecting, preparing, imaging, extracting and archiving data) gives DIBP the highest possible accuracy and quality of data plus a reliable means to forecast expenditure. DIBP also benefits because Converga’s skills, experience and technology removes the need to invest in expensive in-house resources and infrastructure.

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