Department of Health: Managed Services

All business processes should be performed in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner to achieve maximum benefits.

The Business
The Department of Health (Health) is a government agency that employs approximately 5,000 staff nationally. The department seeks to provide better health for all Australians through a world-class health system.

The Challenge
To support Health’s program delivery requirements and corporate objectives by providing Health with a full suite of on-site office services, whilst providing business process improvements; and in full compliance with existing and future legislation and policy requirements that apply to Health, including those relating to privacy and security.

The Solution
Implementation and management of a full suite of innovative, best practice, on-site office services to Health. Services include; mail & courier, records management, contract management, venue management, corporate hospitality and eProcure. Converga manages these services across approximately 150 service points spanning 11 buildings, overseeing more than 3,720 incoming/outgoing mail and courier items and 256 internal items daily.

The Outcome
Converga restructured Health’s mailroom centralising staff and functions, decreasing the number of courier services (generating substantial cost savings) and established ‘primary sort’ of mail and colour coded mail runs. Health’s stationery usage and ordering method was reviewed and suppliers benchmarked to ensure best value. Converga continue to be reactive to the changing business needs and environment of Health. Over the past ten years Converga have closely monitored the effectiveness and efficiency of the services and the delivery provided to Health in order to provide maximum efficiency gains.

Download case study: Department of Health – Managed Services (PDF)