Department of Health: Records Management

The Business
The Department of Health provides Australians with an efficient, high quality health system capable of meeting ever-increasing demands. As a result of these core services Health produces and manages a considerable number of active case files across the country with further records in managed storage in Canberra. Health has approximately 5,500 staff across 8 states with records management services being provided by Converga.

The Challenge
The key challenge for Health was to find a cost effective records management services that could meet the agencies Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) whilst providing quality and accountable records management services across its vast holdings and geographic locations.

The Solution
Converga was selected because of its experience in the provision of outsourced records management solutions that are cost effective and able to meet Health’s KPI’s and legislative and regulatory obligations. With offices around the country, Converga can ensure quality staff at all of Healths’ sites to support agency staff and records management practices.

With a flexible labour force, Converga is able to adjust the records management pool to accommodate the shift in service demand and the changing requirements of the department.

The Outcome
Converga with a team of 34 records management professionals now provides records and archival services in all States and the ACT for Health, these services include:

  • Records Registration and Creation Services
  • Repository Management
  • Culling and Archival Services
  • User Records Management Support
  • Records Quality Assurance Services
  • Records Management Strategic Advice

Download case study: Department of Health – Records Management (PDF)