Simpson Grierson: Consumables Management

The Business

Founded in 1887, Simpson Grierson is one of New Zealand’s leading commercial law firms and the largest by headcount with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The Challenge

Previously Simpson Grierson’s stationery was largely unmanaged with multiple weekly orders, no limitation on products ordered and no centralised order process.

This resulted in high monthly spend, regular ordering outside of discounted top 100 items and significant time and courier cost managing multiple small orders.

The Solution

Converga proposed a fully managed stationery process, utilising existing on-site service centre management. This would ensure a reduction in the number of orders and a central control point to proactively drive use of more cost effective products.

Converga regular monitoring and stock checks would serve to minimise ‘stockpiling’ and where appropriate re-distribute overflow stock.

The Outcome

Converga’s solution consolidated all orders into a single weekly stationery order, with all utility bays stocked within agreed products and thresholds, supported by centralised storage stock. With a single order and delivery weekly, significant courier costs were saved.

With Converga managing the order process, we were able to drive more compliance to the ‘top 100’ items ensuring 92% of Simpson Grierson’s consumption was of these heavily discounted products. This is the highest level of core range compliance in New Zealand, with other client’s achieving 68% or less.

In the first year of implementation, our model was able to drive spend down 15%. In the second year, stationery expenditure dropped by a further 22%. This was achieved through high compliance to discounted items as well as consumption management through regular monitoring and re-distribution through monthly ‘stationery amnesty’.

Download case study: Simpson Grierson – Consumables Management