Digital InvoiceMe (Electronic Invoicing)

This is the second in a three part series of papers from Converga which will outline various issues and benefits which revolve around eInvoicing. This paper will seek to analyse historical barriers to eInvoice adoption and look at how these barriers have been overcome by the Converga InvoiceMe solution.

What is eInvoicing and how will it benefit your company?

Unfortunately for many Asian-Pacific companies “invoice processing represents a huge cost. Accounts payable teams spend hundreds of hours re-keying, processing and archiving paper-based invoices”. So, eInvoicing involves the complete online automation of a company’s end-to-end invoice process. This means removing all paper invoices from the accounts payable process in order to push cost savings, efficiency gains and increase visibility and control over your companies’ accounts payables.

The unique Converga InvoiceMe eInvoice solution uses a combination of emailed PDF invoices, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the Converga InvoiceMe Portal to deliver invoices from your supplier electronically to your AP or ERP solution bypassing the traditional paper based methods of invoicing. Importantly, ‘when invoices are routed electronically, they are immediately visible and actionable to all relevant parties, irrespective of where they are located geographically’. When companies combine the new Converga InvoiceMe solution with the existing Converga P2P invoice workflow solution, then companies are able to maximise the benefits of a fully automated invoice process.

Download the full whitepaper: Digital InvoiceMe eInvoicing White Paper 2 of 3 (PDF)