Digital InvoiceMe (Electronic Invoicing)

This is third and final paper in a series of eInvoice whitepapers from Converga which focuses on eInvoicing in practice. This paper looks at reasons for implementing an eInvoice solution and highlights some key factors for a successful eInvoice implementation. This paper concludes with a Qantas Catering eInvoice case study. This Qantas Catering case study provides a clear example of the process benefits of the Converga eInvoice InvoiceMe solution.

 eInvoicing in Practice

eInvoicing involves the removal of paper invoices from the whole end to end procurement process. This is achieved by Converga’s eInvoice InvoiceMe solution which provides electronic alternatives to the historical paper invoice. These alternative eInvoice methods include emailed invoices in PDF format, the Converga InvoiceMe Portal and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

 Why should your Company implement an eInvoice solution?

The methods chosen for removing the paper invoices are tailored to suit both the supplier and buyer and ensure the maximum supplier adoption of eInvoicing. Some smaller suppliers may prefer to send invoices via emailed PDF, while larger companies may be better suited for an EDI approach to eInvoicing. The benefits that flow from these eInvoicing methods go far beyond simply removing inefficient paper invoices. Benefits include instant invoice delivery, improved visibility and controls, greater data accuracy and an online digital invoice archive just to name a few. These benefits have been discussed in detail in Converga’s 2nd white paper.

As was revealed in Converga’s 1st white paper, the legalities around eInvoicing in the Asia-Pacific are clear. There are no restrictions to eInvoicing in the majority of Asian-Pacific countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. In fact, countries such as China are now actively seeking to promote eInvoicing. Asian – Pacific companies have been slow to adopt eInvoicing, however with no legal impediments and increasing government promotion this is likely to change in the near future.  For this reason it is important that Asian – Pacific companies are proactive in their approach to eInvoicing.


Download the full whitepaper: Digital InvoiceMe eInvoicing White Paper 3 of 3 (PDF)