Qantas Catering: InvoiceMe (eInvoicing)

Converga helped this busy flight catering company get an electronic accounts payable system off the ground.

Qantas Catering: InvoiceMe (eInvoicing)

The Business

Qantas Catering is one of the largest flight caterers in the Southern Hemisphere, providing flight catering services to Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific and Philippine Airlines. With over 900 regular suppliers, Qantas Catering accounts payables handles approximately 170,000 invoices per annum.


The Challenge

Prior to appointing Converga, each invoice was either received as paper mail or as an email attachment. Qantas Catering needed to substantially reduce the costs associated with the handling of paper invoices.


The Solution

Converga provided Qantas Catering suppliers with several easy-to use options to submit their invoices electronically and send invoice data along with the file, without the need for keying.

Options to transition suppliers to e-Invoicing include:

  • Suppliers with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities can send their invoices directly through InvoiceMe
  • Suppliers who prefer to email invoices as a PDF attachment can have their invoices converted automatically to an electronic invoice through InvoiceMe.
  • All suppliers have the ability to generate their invoice directly to Qantas Catering.

For each invoice submitted through InvoiceMe, all the invoice data, including header and line item details are provided to Qantas Catering’s accounts payables system for automatic 3-way matching within seconds of receipt; with no human intervention.

For those suppliers who prefer to continue submitting paper invoices, these invoices are now processed centrally through Converga’s state-of-the-art Technology Centres.


The Results:

By implementing InvoiceMe, Qantas Catering is targeting 100% of their suppliers’ invoices to be received electronically. By automating the 3-way matching, process cycle times have improved dramatically and transitioning to electronic invoices means less paper, supporting Qantas Catering’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

Qantas Catering is an environmentally-conscious company who wants to make a difference. eInvoicing will further reduce paper from our process and provide a more cost effective solution for our business. It will also drive improved matching and processing accuracy.

by Simon Vierke, Financial Controller, Qantas
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