Executive Hospitality

A seamless customer experience that exceeds expectations every time.

First impressions that generate business for you

Prospective clients, business partners, executives and other visitors to your business form a critical first impression that can influence their decision to work with you. Our Executive Hospitality Team will ensure that this initial impression is the best it can possibly be.

  • The hospitality experts

    We manage every part of your executive hospitality, including recruitment, talent development, process implementation and technology procurement.

  • One reliable solution

    We provide management, reporting and service that transforms your Executive Hospitality from a headache to a world class solution you can be proud of.

  • An unprecedented level of hospitality for your business stakeholders

    Converga’s approach to service enhancement is supported by our service ethos: ‘One Point’ which means each visitor will only have to ask for something once, and all requests only need to be made once.

  • A full suite of hospitality products

    Converga executive hospitality solution covers: Executive Concierge Services, Corporate Receptionist Services, Meeting Room Management, Hospitality Management, Switchboard Services.

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