Webinar: Automation in Finance

Join us for a live webinar discussion around automation your finance processes and the benefits of setting this up in a short amount of time.

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When: Thursday 29 April 2021
     11am - 12pm AEST

Where: An email invite to the online webinar will be sent out upon registration

Automation in Finance can have the greatest advantage in a short amount of time.

       Finance departments across ANZ are uniquely challenged in that they have to adhere to regulations, reduce costs and improve performance at the same time. Having tedious and time-consuming processes or a high volume of processing is the main reason many departments look to automation to bring their processes into the modern age. But understanding which automation solution is the right fit for their business needs and priorities is often the cause of delaying getting the ball rolling, or can hinder the optimisation of an already implemented automation solution. This event will provide you with the key elements to understanding how automation is uniquely suited to the finance department and which automation solution to consider above the others such as Robotics Process Automation and Automated Accounts Payable. We will talk about the difference scenarios that you might find yourself in from already on an automation journey that’s having some challenges, to not yet getting started. Having the right partner to guide your business through the process makes things seamless and allows for fast adoption of automation in the parts of the business that need it most. 

  • Improve speed and processing time

  • Greater control, accuracy and compliance

  • Improve the workload & wellbeing of your people

  • Operate 24/7

Whether you have commenced with an automation project and are finding it needs some optimisation, or your business is ready to start on the journey, having the right partner to help you is the real advantage. Let us show you how!