The Future of Accounts Payable Processing
Our focus on innovation, sustainability and lean business practices mean that your business gets to enjoy greater levels of efficiency, better environmental sustainability outcomes and improved financial performance. Hosted off-site, No upfront licensing costs, No need to license, Access to the latest version, Guaranteed 99.5% minimum data accuracy.

Large transaction volumes, labour-intensive manual processes, and compliance issues can lead to significant employee hours, delays, duplication of payments and costly errors.

When you’re running an Accounts Payable (AP) team, accuracy is critical to your business success. Imagine instantaneous, pain-free payments with 98.5% accuracy. Think securely digitised invoices so you can access data anywhere, anytime, on any device. Consider reducing your personal invoice storage and eliminating time wasted on paper-based approvals.

Converga's Automated Accounts Payable (AAP) solution streamlines your accounting workflows, improves efficiency and increases accuracy. It removes manual tasks from the equation, while giving you greater visibility over your financial processes, so you're always in control of your spending. And, it works easily with your existing ERP systems, simplifying data transfer and creating a solution that's more nimble, flexible and customised to your exact needs. 

Speed. Accuracy. Control. Discover pain-free AP.
Converga's Automated Accounts Payable

How Automated Accounts Payable works

Payment processing

Receive payments using our convenient and secure Payment Processing portal.

Pain-free Accounts Payable Processing — Get ready access to all your invoices, reports and payments anytime, anywhere, on any device. Converga’s self-service cloud-based portal lets you review, modify and approve workflows on the go via our secure, permissions-based online portal and easy-to-use interface.  

Intelligent Document Capture — Capture ANY data in ANY format, in a single, smarter system. Match captured images, data and even multiple line items without manual entry. Pair invoices with outstanding purchase orders instantly. Welcome to the future of Accounts Payable. 
The ultimate in AP accuracy — With minimum accuracy built into our SLAs starting at 98.5% (document level field) within 24 hours, you’ll enjoy unrivalled payment speed, precision to deal with payment demands and peace of mind. 
Payment Protection — Get three-way intelligent, secure invoice matching with AI-driven decision-making and straight-through processing for greater automation, speed and accuracy. Eliminate human errors, protect your organisation against fraud and non-compliance, and free your people to focus on higher value tasks.
Adaptive & intelligent — Build workflows to your specific business rules so every invoice follows the right approval flow, every time, for standardisation efficiencies, greater compliance and unrivalled accuracy. And it works easily with your existing ERP systems for a seamless transition. 
Spend Analytics — See everything in one place with Converga spend analytics: payments, transaction costs, bottlenecks, spending patterns, errors, compliance failures and data breaches. Get deeper business insights and greater visibility so you can make more informed decisions based on measurable, actionable data. 
Unmatched data security — The Converga AAP solution combines people, robust disaster recovery and business continuity processes, and technology to build the fastest, most accurate and secure system possible. Our ISO27001 secure platform, 
AP as a Service — Set up once and forget. Converga works with any ERP system, straight out of the gate, without upgrades or modifications needed. Compliance is ensured, with fixed cost processing bringing greater visibility and cost control. Converga AAP features ISO 9001 quality in an ISO 14001 environment for greater peace of mind and ultimate flexibility.  

  • Cut costly errors

    by decreasing manual handling and data entry, reducing noise from repeat vendor invoices, and prevent duplicate payments.

  • Eliminate high-cost invoice processing due to manual invoice handing

    Reduce AP function running and management costs - you’ll never miss discounts for pre/on time payments again.

  • Reduce processing delays

    Automatically route your invoices through the correct workflows to predefined roles and against agreed business rules. There’s no delay or legacy system bottlenecks. Straight-through processing means your invoices are paid automatically, without the need for approval.

  • Decrease fraud & cyber crime

    Stop scams designed to trick your systems into making unauthorised payments with cognitive capture and AI-powered matching techniques. Pay the right people at the right time, every time.

  • Diminish hidden costs

    including workflow and time-to-approval costs, and time spent tracking, finding and replacing invoices.

  • Enhance compliance & internal controls

    Converga is built for business workflows to make sure the right people, with the right authority, approve payments.

  • Gain deeper insights

    Discover the bottlenecks that cost you time and resources. Boost your financial visibility with full transparency, auditability and control over your AP

  • Access legacy systems

    Increase AP accessibility and flexibility. Converga works with any data and any ERP. Based on the web, your AP data is available where and when you need it.

Services we offer
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  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

  • Exception Management

    Exception Management

Case Study: Placemakers – Automated Accounts Payable

“The Converga solution has lowered the demand on internal IT resources and reduced our full-time staff. The ability to destroy the original invoices after three months has reduced our storage requirements enormously.” – Steve Scott Finance Manager Fletcher Distribution

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