What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is a software solution that automates highly repetitive tasks in your organisation. It carries out routine and repetitive tasks by configuring computer software, imitating the way a person interacts with digital systems to executive business processes. Converga's RPA-as-a-service allows you to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, redeploy staff to high value tasks and increase your profitability. With RPA bots that never sleep and make zero mistakes, it is the solution to driving your business forward.

Remove the time burden of low-value tasks so your employees can focus on profit-driving activities

Your employees prefer activities that require creativity, critical thinking, and human judgement and these are also the activities that drive your business forward. Our RPA solution allows you to double down on the high-value work that can't be automated, like exception management and strategic decision making, by outsourcing the mindless point-and-click tasks that shouldn't require human involvement. 

Our Solution: RPA-as-a-Service

We offer Robots as a Service (RaaS), which allows you to start with a small automation experiment, assess the opportunity, and scale gradually without the risk and investment of a large rollout.We can automate business processes across any software platform without changing your existing IT infrastructure.
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Automate your processes in weeks, not months
Converga's RPA-as-a-Service model releases you free the stress of a traditional RPA set-up. We'll get you up and running in a matter of weeks, and keep you up and running at just a fraction of the cost and effort.
RPA timeline
RPA can be implemented easily across both key industry solutions plus custom and legacy platforms
We’ll help you identify a key opportunity for automation in your business. Then we’ll develop a pilot program for that task that you can use as a proof of concept for further automation. Below are some examples of processes we frequently automate across various industries.

Benefits of Robotics Process Automation 
Looking to find out more about what RPA can do for your business?
  • 100% Accuracy and reliability

  • No need to license

    Achieve 100% compliance with audit trail

  • Enhance the customer experience through improved processing times

  • Enjoy greater data security

  • Increase task speed

  • Highly skilled teams implement and manage production

    Redeploy employees to higher value tasks

  • Reducing Processing and administration costs

  • Safeguard customer privacy